View Full Version : PDG2 - what are these and how can I use

03-18-2015, 03:04 AM
Hi all,

0.5mg daily and still seeing hairloss and lots of yellow spots on hairline and temples (areas I see receeding). Also lots of itch in these areas except day after using nizoral shampoo.

I've read about PDG2 but not too sure what these are and how I can incorporate these into my regime. I'm giving fin a go for a few more months but then going to have a HT as I figure that will fix the issue until I'm old enough not too care (might look a lil daft after but can always buzz down or get the bits lasered out). I'm 24 and would love hair into my mid 30's

So any more useful tips to save my receeding hairline (definitely NW3) I was NW2 when starting fin (been 0.5mg daily since Dec - lower doeses since July). So don't feel this is working

Really want these yellow spots to stop as feel these are directly related to my hair loss. I would love a topical fin as although still systematic atleast it went direct to the hair!!