View Full Version : Just tried Caboki

03-17-2015, 09:46 PM
Hey everyone,

I just got a sample of Caboki, and wow I am impressed. My hair looks way better. This is cool, but still kind of sucks. I do not want to put this on everyday, and it just kind of teases me of how much better I look with thick hair. Hairloss sucks. Take care guys

03-17-2015, 10:59 PM
Oh man, I remember the first day it arrived. I actually skipped class because I was very excited. I put a lot of it in my hair and felt bad. I hadn't seen my hair look that great/dark/young.

Anyways, I shave my head everyday now haha.

03-18-2015, 01:58 AM
Hi, no doubt caboki is a strange way that though doesnít help in terms of hair loss, it quickly covers up in a unique way. I am doing lot of online research on it before asking for sample. Keep us updated how you feel after trying caboki. I heard itís great for both, men and women. I would love to try it after reading positive review. I think it's success also depends on choosing right colour to match with your natural one. Hope it gives you desired experience of hair with fuller, thicker appearance.