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03-17-2015, 01:44 PM

I'm 23, got a few questions to ask so joined the site.

First my backstory, I have temporal recession which to be honest started when I was about 16 and finished well what I thought was finished about 20, leaving it probably a Norwood 1.5/2 photos make it look way worse in my opinion so not sure if a 2 or 1.5.

Late last year, I began to find considerably more hair lying around lots and lots on my pillows and bunches coming out in the shower. I began to get nervous and this is when I really paid attention to the temporal recession. After a few weeks I came round to thinking this is what my hair had been like for years and it was a mature hairline. And that perhaps the increased loss of which lasted for about month was due to a stressful period during the summer.

However recently I've noticed that whilst perhaps my temporal recession is still in the same place, I've kept track because of scar I have on my forehead. My frontline of my hair seems to have decreased in density, all around the hairline to the temp points my hair seems thinner than it was before, my hair used to be incredibly thick an the barber would have to thin it out, which I made note that he didn't do it the last time I visited a couple of weeks ago.

Anyway so questions, I've heard some people say that your hair can become thinner without you getting recession, my Dad (who by the way is 59 and a norwood 1.5 himself) has quite thin hair despite his hair looking very thick in old photos. So could this be the case here or am I losing hair from my front?

Also if I'm already a NW2 would I expect it to get much worse?

Some photos (just after a haircut so there a couple of strays, the 3rd one is a real closeup of my temporal recession)

Thanks for any info.





polar vertex
03-18-2015, 06:42 AM
Looks EXACTLY like mine at your age. The comment you made about the barber having to thin it out, that really struck home. I believe your loss is similar to mine. I know it feels fast to you at this point, but from your story and my own experience, it appears to be a slow recession.

Im 32 now, and a Norwood 2.5 or 3. Just a steady slow recession. I started fin 8 weeks ago, and wish I had started at your age. But didn't because I was freaked out about sides. I have had NO negative side effects. In my opinion, fin will halt your type of hair loss, and possibly regrow all of those miniaturized hairs in your photos.....because I believe you have the best of both worlds when it come to hair loss and starting fin: 1. You are young with recent loss, & 2. You have non aggressive loss.

All of this is in my opinion. You won't get much sympathy from the guys with aggressive loss. And many of them will tell you it looks like a "Mature Hairline". Don't be fooled by this.

03-18-2015, 08:14 AM
Cheers Polar, I know I probably wouldn't get much sympathy with some, I have friends who are far beyond me at my age so I know others have it worse, but still for me it's quite drastic to go from incredibly thick hair which I could barely brush to suddenly seeing a lot of gaps at my hairline.

I will say this the miniaturized hairs well I'm not entirely sure if they are miniaturized because they seem to be the same thickness and color as my normal hairs, but I do find some really thin light colored hairs that fall out.

polar vertex
03-18-2015, 03:23 PM
They are miniaturized. I think you might be in the denial phase. I myself stayed there for 4-5 years.

I have slow recession. My biological father was slick bald at the age of 25.

Don't expect to follow your father's pattern. You never know what pattern you will take on. All I was saying is that your story and pattern looks similar to mine at your age.

03-19-2015, 04:17 AM
Ha I don't think I'm in denial, I'm on this board after all :)

I was just saying from what I've read of miniaturized hair, it usually means thinner and less color to it, and mine doesn't have that, but I do know that my hairline is thinner across the board so something is going on.

So should I go on 1mg a day then or what? And am I just going to be on the stuff now till something better comes along?

03-22-2015, 12:30 PM
My hair was too thick as well when I was a teen. Needed to get it thinned out at the barbers. Mine started receding ever so slightly at 18. Then soon as I was 23 it suddenly got bad and Id probably be a nw6 without my treatments. 26 now.