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03-15-2015, 03:37 PM
:mad: I've always had great hair! How can I have thinning hair? HOW?I guess I should count my blessings since I am in my 50s. I have been using rogaine for about a year. How correctly have I been using it is another story. For a few months I have been getting very short hair cuts to allow the rogaine to saturate my scalp. I have also been using Regeneron to block DHT. Someone told me to start using Nizoral. Are both just as good as the other?
I'm giving myself one more year. If I don't see the results I like I am thinking about a hair transplant. Do hair transplants really work? What would be the price for someone like me?
Oh, and please tell me it's not that bad. LOL ;)

03-15-2015, 10:17 PM

I would have to see a picture of the rest of your head.. but my advice is DO NOT GET A HAIR TRANSPLANT!!! I had a head of hair similar to you, only slightly thinning. Made the life destroying mistake of buying into a hair transplant and a year and a half later, horrible shock loss to my native hair caused about 60% of my hair to fall out never to return.

Hair transplants are best when
1) you are 100% certain the route your future hair loss will take (otherwise, you're going to end up like me and many other unfortunate people on here, with transplants in one area and bald scalp in another... it will look weird)
2) When you are not having transplants placed into good native hair
3) After you have exhausted medications such as nizoral, propecia, minoxidil, RU, etc...
4) When you are fully committed, have done EXTENSIVE research and have found an ETHICAL doctor with an outstoungding track record.

Nizoral 2% has worked well for me. There is also a shampoo called "the big three" that I am very fond of.
btw... I know you said not to say this, but it really is NOT THAT BAD!