View Full Version : My Neograft days 1 - 6

03-12-2015, 06:28 PM
Hi guys, I've been lurking this site before my HT and after so I thought I'd share my progress and experience so far for others to view. Please feel free to comment or suggest anything. I appreciate everyone's input if you feel generous to give it.

On 3/6/15, I had the Neograft procedure with Dr. Slusher in Orlando at the Bassin Center. 2500 Grafts.

I'm on day 6 and am having the typical nerve pains from the donor area. My face seemed to swell more than most people reported (and is still swollen) and my grafts itch like all hell but I've been spraying them with saline and trying with all my might not to touch them! Tomorrow, day 7, according to my post op procedures I can wash my hair with regularity (no more cup and baby shampoo). I'm seeing my doc tomorrow to start propecia and I was told I can't do minoxidil for 4 weeks.