View Full Version : ThinningHairFML

03-11-2015, 11:34 PM
Hey guys.

Been monitoring my hair since August of last year and initially focused on my hairline. I've more recently been starting to focus on my crown since I'm starting to feel like it's thinning, and I think it is, although I'm probably the only person (besides maybe other people who are losing their hair) who notices.

First, I really want to try Finasteride but I've heard some people say it low DHT before Finasteride is a disaster waiting to happen since:

"Your hair's super sensitive to DHT, so Finasteride won't do anything for you except maybe give you side effects."


"You'll probably get man boobs if it's that low and you drop it more."

Secondly, if I'm seeing some certainly miniaturized hairs coming out at times (wispy with tapered ends) along with seemingly super thick and healthy hairs, does this certainly mean MPB? I would guess so, but I'm no expert.

Any thoughts? Here are a couple pictures of my crown from a few days ago. My hair was damp in these pictures with flash on, obviously.