View Full Version : I need some clarification about DHT effects on hair follicles and androgen receptors

03-05-2015, 09:29 PM
Originally i asked this question on the follicpet thread but no one was either interested or my questions was crushed by other questions(most likely) but this questioms does hold some potential so pls try to answer it.

Here it is:-
Does DHT inhibit IGF-1 and any other growth factors after it reaches and makes contact with the androgen receptors or is it before???

I mean if DHT does inhibit IGF-1 before reaching the androgen receptors then i guess we figured out why most androgen receptor agonist like RU58841 and CB0301 will not be performing to the desired efficiency

If we were able to lets say that all the androgen recpetors are blocked 100%(hypothetically) then it would mean we were able to help the further downfall of the follicle by not activating the specific gene expression but the DHT that is still present in the follicle and IGF-1 would still be inhibited with TGF-B1 and others and the hair follicle would just go down at the end but just very late

Then if the above i said is true, then we could help those who are prematurely balding by inhibiting the 5ar enzyme at the follicles and increasing IGF-1....

Im sure that i suck at proper sentence forming but i hope you all get the idea

03-06-2015, 12:25 AM
Pls anyone??

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