View Full Version : What is OC?

03-03-2015, 09:22 PM
I probably sound like an idiot but I haven't been on these threads for almost a year because I've been having really good results with using RU. I decided to revisit just now and see all kinds of posts about OC from Kane. Can someone please just briefly explain to me what is OC and what is its mechanism of action, like is it a PGD2 blocker or androgen blocker? Just to quickly fill me in. You know how it is, once a treatment gets popular on these threads, it get assigned an acronym and everyone assumes everyone else knows what it is, so it kinda becomes inside information and anyone who wasn't there for its inception is kind of in the dark.

Any information appreciated, thanks.

P.S. Been on RU for a year and two months now and I highly recommend it in 1% concentrations (60/40 ethanol/pg)