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Dr. Lindsey
03-02-2015, 07:59 AM
This fellow stopped by last week. He had a small FUE about 29 months ago, did well but had a little more hairloss and a couple of areas that were just a bit thin...common with FUE, even in really luxurious hair'd patients like this guy. At 12 months we did a few hundred more and although he works only blocks from the office, I hadn't seen him since the day of his second case.

Here he is at 29 months and he still has a bit of hair greed...meaning he wants a couple of hundred placed just behind where we worked previously, this summer.

In the video I have a still of his donor area. Contrary to many marketing schemes, this shows FUE is not scarless surgery! Rather there is no linear scar, but each and every FUE attempt does leave a small scar.

All in all this is a great case, and one perfectly suited to FUE. Its a smaller case, AND he has really thick hair follicles and strong root bulbs. As I've posted many times before, FUE is like transplanting trees. Its easy to damage skinny root balls in both hair and trees. Thicker hairs have corresponding thicker and stronger root bulbs which seem to tolerate FUE's avulsion of the follicle from the scalp much better.

The video link is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftydnFspBFE

Dr. Lindsey McLean VA