View Full Version : F*** DONE with finasteride

03-01-2015, 02:19 PM
Tried so many times to get to the bottom of this, but literally no one has ever had experience with this I guess. I used minoxidil for 2 years up until last month trying to keep what I had along hair line (no Hairloss or thinning anywhere else) and also started fin 1.25mg in oct. 2013. Well around July this last summer I finally cut my hair shorter and noticed my hair looked thinner everywhere, but just though it was the hair cut. Hair was pretty much the same along my hairline from October 2013 til this past oct. 2014. However, at the the one year mark (oct. 30 2014) I started getting itching in the back of my head and along the side of my head on the left. Also, there was a short sharp burning sensation behind my hairline. 3 days later my hair literally thinned 30% on that side.. My scalp was just visible out of nowhere...

Well, the shed kept going and minoxidil was causing my scalp to burn and sting more so I was advised to drop it. Derm said scalp looked fine and said maybe seb. Dermatitis. I tried nizoral, tar shampoo, topical steroid, everything and nothing worked. My hairline receded an inch on my left side and continues to burn and itch.. I now have a strip of Hairloss that looks like a part and goes all the way back.. My hair is oily now, wirey, I started getting pimples along my hairline, and my hair all over is shedding and SO THIN EVEN ON TOP.. (shedding not as bad as before but still shedding).

So, propecia obviously f***** me because I was fine before it and it's only been a year and 4 months and my hair is thinning all over. My family balding pattern has no thinning, just recession. I'm done with that idiotic drug. My hair is TERRIBLE NOW. Now I have an appointment at an endocrinologist to see what the hell my hormones look like because clearly my body can't handle lowered DHT..

Just wanted to share my story and unfortunately I really have no before pictures to show.. Might be able to locate some somewhere, but my scalp is in the worst condition I've ever felt. I have sore spots that feel bruised, burning along my hairline with pimples, etc... Maybe I have reflex hyperandrogencity or something. Who knows but I've asked so many times and got no where and I'm done..

If anyone experiences this reaction, QUIT! I waited to see if I was going to get better and 4 months through a random shed at one year and I'm F*****.