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03-01-2015, 06:52 AM
Hi everyone,

I am a 31 year old male that have been suffering from male hairloss for quiet some time now. I have come to the decision that I would like to proceed with a HT however price is an issue for me as I dont have the money at the moment to pay a expensive HT.

I have come across different clinics that offer different amount of grafts for a different price in Turkey.

getFue 3000-3500 grafts for 2800 euros

AEK hair institute 1. 2000-2999 grafts FUT or FUE for 3500 Euros
2. 3000-3999 grafts FUT for 4000 Euros
3. 3000-3999 grafts double day FUE for 4500 Euros

Healthtravelinternational 3000-3500 grafts for 4250 euros

Istanbul Hair Center 4000 - 4500 grafts for 2200 euros

Rotahairtrans 2500 grafts for 2250 euros

The last one eve give me contact to one of their patient who had done a transplant with them.

However this might still be a fraud.

I am being cautions of the cheap prices that may offer low quality results that is why I am searching and trying to find as much information as I can about these clinics.

If any user has any experience with one of these clinics I would really appreciate some insight.

Please don't mind my English grammar :)

09-09-2015, 01:13 AM
If you consider Turkey for hair transplant, please avoid Alp Aslan clinic(Este Surgery or Este Cerrahi).
I had horrible experience with him as well as others with over harvested donor area. It is a nightmare. We are lost and looking for SMP or donor recharging which may not possible. He left many people disfigured and has lots of complaints. Please see this link for more information:

It is just an advice for people to avoid our pain.

09-11-2015, 05:12 AM
I have just returned from Turkey having had FUT & FUE 4120 grafts from AEK and I can say they are very professional. Dr Emre looks after his patients very much on a one to one basis.

I did a substantial amount of research before I went out to Turkey and I can say that you need to differentiate between the service you are expecting and results between the 'hair mills' and the boutique type service.

Also Dr Emre is IAHRS recommended.

I am currently uploading my blog which you should be able to find which gives a more descriptive explanation of the my experience - would suggest reading it before booking.

All the best regardless :)

09-11-2015, 07:35 AM
This video says it all! If the clinic you are thinking about is not accepted into the IAHRS run for the hills!

american guy
11-12-2015, 07:04 PM
Be very careful. I had a very bad experience with Alp Aslan. I discovered that the clinic sells itself as a doctor does the work type clinic but it is in fact a mill. They do many bad operations a day and they do them very fast. The doctor also has a special hotlel he sends the people with complaints to to separate you from the victims who are going in to get new transplants. He doesnt want you to warn them. The whole operation is very much like the matrix where you cant believe how big the scam is until it is over. I had to go to therapy, lost a job etc.... I feel obligated to let people know about this place and to avoid at all costs.