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02-25-2015, 01:06 PM
Ok I share my history which indeed is quite simple: my father is bald, and I started to lose my hair when a teenager, it wasn't a copious loss, in fact it was more a chronic thinning which became heavier when I begin to suffer ulcerative colitis (very low levels of iron and general weakness and malnutrition); for ten years I had to fight the disease so didn't bother about my hair and sometimes I kept them longer (didn't like it), sometimes shaved, then I had surgery and now I feel very well (iron is normal now), so I'm focusing myself on some aesthetics which is mainly my baldness. I know that the case is probably unrecoverable, and I literally hate my hair, but I like my shaved head (it's not as awesome as some hollywood star but I feel well and confident when I shave it), but as you see in the following pictures people notice I have a head full of hair and ask me to let them grow, everytime I try I say to myself: "man try not to shave for two months and see what happens", but I always surrend as I hate when I see myself quite bald under an artificial light, so shave again until I try again to let them... I really feel 100% less attractive when not shaved, but although shaved I think I'm 90% less attractive than when I was young full of hair, I have a good personality but I would like to boost my aesthetics in some way as I am sure that it's the first minus girls have with me, no matter how much I'm nice and fun they would prefer always men with hair (I know that I have some chance but if I can ease myself with women and luckily I don't seek long-term women, in fact I think I don't want to marry anyone) but it seems that people don't think the same as continue to ask me to let them grow, but I'm sure that then when they notice they are bad they can't say to me: "man they are horrible, please shave", in any case, please would you like to advice me which could be the best try and treatment I could follow. Thank you very much!



02-25-2015, 01:47 PM