View Full Version : BHT questions and question over donor area

02-23-2015, 06:09 PM
Perhaps it's just cleverly done adverts, but Dr. Umar seems to be at the forefront of BHT work. I was thinking over transplantations and while I'm hesitant to allocate any scalp hair as of right now due to the possibility of further loss, I've got a good deal of body hair that I'd be more than happy to redistribute. I do know that this is primarily left for those of serious norwoods and I'm not saying I'm interested I'm doing this for my whole head. However, I am thinking that if the grafts would take that densely packing body hair in the temples wouldn't be too bad. It'd bolster the hairline and give a decent shape to it.

Another question I have pertains to the donor area. I know that there is only a limited number of grafts available, but it seems as if a lot of HT docs don't really utilize the most of it and leave it relatively thick while only putting relatively sparse amounts of hair up top. Personally speaking, thinner sides and back to a denser top doesn't look half as odd as the opposite, especially in this decade where that seems to be the staple haircut method.

Hopefully the questions make sense as I'm a bit strung out on caffeine from writing research papers here at college.

02-24-2015, 05:16 PM
Shameless bump and yet another question:

Why don't more men opt for the Zinedine Zidane route when their young? If the crown goes, it goes and that blows and you'll be relegated to buzzcuts but you're never going to struggle with a bad hairline that doesn't frame your face. What I'm saying is why don't more young men like me who have temporal recession undergo a procedure to strengthen the frontal and temporal regions giving it a 1.5 or 2 NW depending on the person and then just lightly covering the crown or just ignoring it if it isn't too severe? It seems like a good way to overcome young hairloss (which blows) and then still maintain a good look as you age. My cousin is balding in this pattern as well and most think he just shaves it out of preference as a result. The recession is what seems to be the calling card to notifying others. Either way I'll still buzz it down this summer and see if my V hairline isn't too shite, but I feel I'll ultimately go down this route... or I'll just stop caring, haha.

I tried finding another example aside from Zinedine - it's a BJJ practitioner who's pretty famous and has a gnarly bald spot on the back of his head. He looked pretty ridiculous with his hair grown out but buzzed down no guard he looks damn good. I'll search harder for the name tonight.