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12-08-2009, 10:20 AM
Basically coming to this site was bittersweet... I'm completely and utterly thankful I found this site don't get me wrong...

But at the same time I was always seeing the commercials and thinking, "Oh, it's no problem... I'll get a transplant and be fine..."

I now realize that that's not even 100%.

From what I gather at this point is that you can do anything other than get a transplant.. and you will basically hold off hairloss for a little bit... but eventually it's going to go, even with all the treatments and Propecia, it will go. This regime can be pretty extreme too from what I see to the point that...well you're life IS your hair.

Then if you finally get a transplant, you'll have the hair transplanted...but you have to wait to be a later age (30+) to do this AND any remaining hair on your head that's not transplanted you will lose. You'll eventually have a thin top... that you could get filled in providing you have enough hair... but most likely, you won't have enough hair. So, you're screwed either way.

Things I don't get are... if you can do FUE, and have a lot of body hair, why can't you just use it with a body transplant and be fine? Or why can't you utilize all of the DHT-Immune hairs on the sides and back and sort of disperse it on the top and around so that the top doesn't even look thinner than the sides... it all would have an equal thickness.

And how much damage does FUE do to the donor area the make it so you can only get so many transplants done? It seems like a very non-violating procedure (I can't think of a better word). I've read countless things on this site and around... but these thoughts still come up and bother me.

I feel like I should just accept the inevitable and shave my head. Even if I can afford the transplant/s I feel like it's still nowhere near 100%...

Please tell me I'm wrong.

I guess it's a battle against mother nature and eventually you'll just have to let go... but the whole process is a battle until you get to this age... and the age is pretty much up to you. Just... when you decide to quit... there it is.

When it comes down to it, I will literally do almost anything to get these transplants done... get the money and get them done. Hell... I'll take ALL the hair I have on the sides and the back and put it on the top and just have a damn flat-top with no side hair like the character Guile from street fighter... I don't care.

Maybe some people would call this vain, but I don't care. I'd just be happier with myself... it's not a low self-esteem all around issue... it literally is JUST my hair that drives me nuts.

12-09-2009, 03:42 AM
At least see your physician first man!

And it isn't necessarily true that you lose your hair eventually on Propecia, take a look at Spencer Kobren for a first hand example. He has been on the stuff for over 15 years, and hes definately got a pretty good set of hair left at over 40 years old.

There are plenty of others that have had the drug remain effective for the remainder of their lifetimes as well.

If you do decide to go with a HT, please, for yourself, DO NOT jump into it. There are a number of reasons for not doing so:

1. You need the right surgeon.
2. It is VERY costly upfront.
3. You are still young, and it may not be apparent where your hair should be transplanted at for best effect.
4. You haven't tried anything else yet. HT is generally a last option, as in, bringing out the big guns.
5. Again, you need the right surgeon. You need to do the research and find one of the reccommended ones here on the sight (I think there is a list at least) and that has a realistic envisionment of how far you can actually go with a transplant. Bear in mind, you will continue to lose any non-transplanted hair in your crown/temples/hairline if you do not get on meds.......this is even with a transplant.

HT is a valid treatment, however, it can be the most life changing if it goes wrong. Take the time and read through this site dude, there are a TON of stories of botched hair transplants that ruined folks lives for a number of years here. The cost for repairing those is astronomical, not to mention the ensuing depression and wasted money from the botched HT.

Keep in mind, you may not even be a good candidate for HT based on donor hair. It may suck, but u'd rather be bald than have a scarred up head! From what I've seen, a HT generally restores the front of the hairline and mid scalp to help frame the face. However, because there is only so much donor hair, the crown area is usually left open, so the fact that balding has at least begun is apparent (this is based on typical MPB btw).

From what I've read of yours, I'm almost positive that you are jumping the gun and desperately searching for a full restoration. I hate to be the one that breaks it to ya, but there just isn't any 100% way of restoring ALL of your hair if you suffer from MPB, and if there is, someone send that treatment my way too lol! In being rash with your decisions, you can really muck up the rest of your life and feel even worse about yourself than you do now (if you think being bald is bad, try being bald with doll hair patches and horrendous scars across your visible scalp).

Don't jump the gun man, take it slow.

12-09-2009, 03:50 AM
And don't take what I say the wrong way, you really can achieve some nice results from a HT. There are plenty that have gone through with it and are extremely happy with their results!

The thing is, nothing is going to be 100% perfect. Should you go on meds, have success, and then have a HT, you have to be aware that if the meds crap out, you will eventually have an open crown. Now, this is something that a good surgeon would go over with you, I just want you to be aware in advance. If you are ok with that notion, then by all means, look into it further.

Should you not be ok with that, get a HT, and then have an open crown, be aware that there will be some semblance of scarring from the donor area. That basically means that later in life, should you decide you wanna go chrome dome, that you can't without sporting a scar on the back of your head.

There are just a lot of things to think about before you jump into that man.

12-17-2009, 11:48 PM
Thanks for the input bro. I appreciate it.

I dunno, you're right. I'll likely look into propecia soon, give it a try.

Hopefully my dick doesnt fall off. (lol)