View Full Version : Need some advice.. Start Fin? MPB or something else?

02-20-2015, 02:18 AM
Hi All,

I am from the Netherlands, and my age is 25 right now.
In march 2014 i was schocked after ig got my haircut done.. My Hair was looking very very thin.. Since then i start using Minoxidil 5%, because i was relly scared. Also i am very obsessed with my hairs since march 2014. I am still don't know what kind of mpb i suffer from. I attached some pics, i hope someone can clear this up for me, my doctor doesn't want to help.

Recently is have my bloodwork done.. The only thing that came up is a vitamin D deficiency. My thyroid is ok, and my Testosterone level is 22.7.

I have order proscar and planned to cut the pill in pcs. I want to know if my type of hairloss is something that i can battle with fin.

The first picture is riht after the haircut last year.. What kind of line is this?
Second picture is dry hair.
The 3th and theth picture are with some gel in my hair.

Sorry for my language, i am still working on improving my English.

Thanks in advance.