View Full Version : Young guy on 19 consider finasterid please help :(

02-17-2015, 04:33 PM
First of all I noticed my hairloss at age 16, my hairloss is progressing "slowly" compared to other at my age who suffers from hairloss. Before the hairloss started I was obviously a NW1, I'm a NW 1,5 now. My temples is still there, but they are getting lighter and ligther, and from a distance they are not visible anymore Only on one side, which seems to do better than the other. after 3,5 years of hairloss. I consider this a slow progress considering my age. I have read a lot on these forums, that you have to take action while you still have most of you hair for the best results. And under bright light, I'm actually a still a NW1.. so I figured if I started treatment now I could save that hair and become a NW1 again. All the light hair is what I "lost". But I really don't want to mess up with my libido or anything else.
Have any of you started on finasterid at such a young age? Did you experience side effects, did the regrowth help on your quality of life?
And do anyone knows if it inhibits my facial hair development? I can now only grow a goatee, and have sparse hair on cheeks, but it's there. But I would choose my head hair over my facial hair anytime, just curious.

Sorry for my bad english.

02-17-2015, 11:54 PM
Was in your same situation, started thinning fifteen, now 19. Started fin at 18. No sides from what i can tell. libido good. Think my balls ached once but that went away quickly and idk if i can even blame fin for that. Think lots of people let it get to their head and think theyre getting every possible side and freak out. You say your a NW1 tho so u shouldnt really worry. Keep a lil eye on yur hair if it gets bad fin is your best option. Do your research like i did. From my exp fins a great choice. Hope this helps good luck dudeee

02-18-2015, 08:13 AM
Thx for the reply, was at the doctor today.. I seemed to know more than my doctor about the subject.. They have never prescribed finasterid to anyone before.. It seemed kinda amateurish. They gave me 2 weeks to consider the side effects and come back. But I think I will start on fin, a small dosage 0,5mg should be enough, since my hairloss is progressing slowly.

02-19-2015, 06:11 AM
I started receding at about 17/18 and I'm now 26. My hairline is very bad now and I'm looking into an FUE. I've been on fin for about 15 months but only at 0.25 a day as I experience sides when I've gone up to 0.5. I really wish I had started fin a few years earlier as I'm sure my hairline would be in better shape than it currently is. I would however take it easy on the fin at your age, your body is still developing and you don't want to mess around with it too much. I would start off on a small dose maybe 0.25 like myself, even at that smaller dose it will have an effect.

02-23-2015, 01:23 AM
Hey stopped visiting this site was fixated on my hair 16/17 but worry less now, but still worry a lot. I am currently 19 years old, just turned 19 within the last 2 months. I have been on finasteride since my birthday at 18. So i have been on it a year and about 1 month at an early age. Here is what I can say about it and my recommendations.

Start slow .25 --> .5 --> .75 ---> 1 with about a week in-between each.
I have not noticed any major side effects and matured pretty early chest hair 17 facial hair etc. However since starting it my facial and body hair has not spread or changed really. Whether or not my facial hair would have filled in better with age is obviously unknown but since starting nothing has really changed.

For my libido I never had erectile disfunction or anything, but I will say my desire to go HU with girls has gone down significantly. I'm in college obviously and in high school it was always on my mind now I just take whatever falls in my lap. This once again isn't necessarily 100% connected but it is something i've noticed.

Finally to my disappointment my hairline looks the same as it did last year. I was hoping I was going to regrow a lot of temple (I'm about a NW1.5 like you) but maybe if anything it has regressed ever so slightly.

Overall I will stay on it nothing too serious and am terrified to get off because of the fear of losing more. Not really something I want to mess around with and just holding out until early 20's for a HT or that cure that is surely coming out next year....