View Full Version : Hassan and Wong FUT Mega session

02-15-2015, 06:12 AM
Hi guys hopefully writing this in the right place but im going to be getting a hair transplant this year. I am 24 years old and have had diffuse thinning since i was 18. Last year i found concealers which where a godsend. Ive recently left the military after 3 years which i tried the shaved head look for around a month and i couldnt handle it so am opting for a transplant. Unfortunately I had a lot of stress with the army and suffered telogen ellifium badly which sped up my baldness so concealers are working but will not be for to long. I am thinning in all over the top but my sides and back are fine i was hoping to get a mega session strip to try and get density all over the top with say 4500 grafts and save grafts for the future incase my sides dropped i am not bothered about my crown its hald a soit the size of a 50p coin for last 5 years. I have done my research thoroughly over the last couple of months and have a consultation with H and W next week my expectations are not to have a full head of hair but some on top and an illusion if density. I know i am young but as long as considering future loss i dont see it being a problem. Tried fin and had the most horrendous ball ache for about a week so stopped taking it i know people swear by it but its not an option for me. I know the results are not typical but i see transplants like rooney and james nesbitt and i truly think its life changing. Any info or help would be greatly appreciated. :D