View Full Version : 24 and devastated!

02-14-2015, 09:15 AM
Hi guys.

I am 24 year old guy from India.

My hair loss problem started around 3.5 years back when my spiked hair suddenly started becoming unruly.

Fast forward today, and I am sure I am somewhere between stages 3 & 4 on the hairloss chart (http://img.webmd.com/dtmcms/live/webmd/consumer_assets/site_images/articles/health_and_medical_reference/mens_health/norwood_scale.gif)

This has taken a high toll on my confidence / self esteem. Over the last couple of years, I have tried oils, homepathic medicines but everything gives a releif for a couple of months and then it goes back to bad again. I can not go all bald because my longish face isnt really built for that.

I want to put an all out disciplined effort now to fix this. I have hears that HT is not recommended at my age. I am willing to try out the medicine route. Would be glad if you guys could share suggestions.