View Full Version : is this another hurdle we have surpassed?

02-11-2015, 07:15 PM

"They said earlier efforts to develop the technology had always been hampered by the need to use harmful heating, salt-based and UV processes when solidifying support substances such as collagen or seaweed extract for 3D printing.

The new DNA gel, which has been perfected by scientists at Tsinghua University in Beijing, marks a major breakthrough, they added."

there is also this...

"The method, described in the*ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering journal, relies on creating a "smart glue" from plastic (polystyrene or polyacrylamide) nanoparticles containing 40 base pairs of DNA. These are assembled in a gel -- the nanoparticles are held together by DNA interactions, while the gel holds the entire scaffold's shape in place. The team, from the University of Texas at Austin, could then use the gel in a 3D printer to create structures about a centimetre in size. It means that the microscopic DNA strands and nanoparticles suddenly have a tangible presence -- the gel is something that can be used and manipulated at a scale visible to the human eye. Most importantly, it was proven that the material can act as a scaffold for new cells to flourish. Therefore it could be envisioned as a scaffold for injury repair, whereby the gel helps graft on new 3D printed cells grown in the lab and implanted."

I know dr lauster was talking about fat grafting to create a better environment for the follicles could this gel (the second link)help create a better environment for the follicles to grow?