View Full Version : The start of impressive results?

02-10-2015, 02:43 PM
Iím wondering if those on the forum who have been through 1-2 years of finesteride + minoxidil treatment could take a look at my progress and let me know if what Iíve got here are early signs of progress. I think they may be, but Iím not sure. (pics below)

26 y/o male. Minoxidil solution for 4.5 months, finesteride for 3.5 months.

Along my hairline there is about a 1Ē fringe of vellus hairs that are visible only under direct light. 1/2Ē of this fringe contains hairs that seem to be growing to some length, while the remaining furthest 1/2Ē away from the hairline seem to be growing much more slowly, but are still taller than the hairs found on the bald parts of my forehead.

Because I was not critically examining fine hairs before treatment, I donít know if Iím saying hello to these vellus hairs, or waving goodbye.

Should I expect these hairs to change into actual hairs at some point in the future?3742237423