View Full Version : Worried about shock loss

02-10-2015, 05:01 AM
Hey guys, I'm very new to forums. This has probably been covered previously, but I'm not sure how to find other posts.

So I have diffuse thinning over the top of my head with a main thin patch at the crown. I have been taking propecia for around 2 years. I recently as of around 1 week ago had a "minor" 250 fue graphs to try and help correct the crown.

Now my surgeon assured me there was very minimal chance of shock loss. I followed all the procedures set out for me and in the first few days everything was ok. Since I've started gently washing my hair as instructed I've noticed quite a lot of hair fall in the shower and after when gently drying. It definitely seems to have had a thinning effect on around where I had the graphs. The graphs themselves seem to be intact and I can feel the prickles when touching them gently.

The hairs that are falling out are quite thick and healthy looking. I very affraid that these hairs will not grow back. Has anyone else experienced this problem? How long did it continue? And did the hair grow back? I understand that some of the hairs if thin and on the "way out" may not recover, but is it normal for the healthier looking hairs to recover?

Any response would be greatly appreciated ��