View Full Version : Where Do You Think My Hairloss is At? (PHOTOS)

02-07-2015, 10:51 AM

Based on these photos, where do you think my hair loss is at/headed?
(Photos were taken wet and dry in front of strong light)

I am currently 25 years old and have been on propecia for 2.5 years and my hair inaturally finer (irish/british descent). I am considering a hair transplant to increase the density of my frontal third region. As you can see in the photos there is a very distinct line between the strong hair at the back and the thinner, frontal third. My crown seems to be in tact and my donor area is strong. I am aware that it doesn't look so bad when it is styled, but it is incredibly time consuming to do and to maintain (won't go swimming/avoid the wind)

Do you think a hair transplant is an option down the road?

Thanks in advance for any feedback to come!

02-07-2015, 02:35 PM
I don't know what Norwood scale you are because that thing is kinda confusing to me, at least when trying to disquinsh what scale someone is.

To me, you're either OK or your hairloss is calling my attention.

When I look at you, I don't think of hairloss & If I saw you walking down the street I wouldn't ever thought you thought about your hair that way.

In your pictures, I only noticed your hairline wasn't perfect when you pulled it back.
That being said you mentioned it takes a long time to do, because of that point, I would say to follow your intuition & you also mentioned getting a hair transplant.

@ your point of hairloss it will be a ****ing bitch to find a hair transplant docter without his thumbs up his ass who will approve you for surgery.
It took me going to 4 different docters until the 5th approved me after I emails him my struggles and I told him I was just gonna do it myself (I rly was going to, I had bought some disposable biopsy punchers & was watching how to videos)

& it was totally worth having the surgery btw.
After you have the surgery you feel like
"I've done everthing I can"
And all the stress kinda goes away, idk why

Also, you start to become very happy, and my face became more "square"

In the end, to me, I don't notice your hairloss.
Like I said, you're either OK or your hairloss is calling attention.
That being said, only you know what you need to do to be happy.

best of luck