View Full Version : 700 CIT on class 3 patient - 1yr. - No strip scars - Dr. Cole

12-04-2009, 12:04 PM
Here is a class 3 patient who recently came to us in hopes of thickening the hair line. Dr. Cole and team transferred approx. 700 CIT (non-strip) grafts to reinforce the frontal hair line, and fill in the temporal peaks. The photos attached below, depict the new growth that was seen months after the procedure.

The result is now fully matured and appropriately frames this middle-aged patientís hair line. The soft appearance of the hair line allows the patient to not only wear a very short or long hair style, but the CIT procedure affords the patient the ability to go undetectable in the public eye. CIT is a surgical procedure and there are no guarantees that no scarring is certain. CIT allows for better healing in the donor area and although there is no visible scarring, the possibility of scarring still remains. We are ecstatic for yet another satisfied patient.