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02-04-2015, 04:39 PM
Hello All,

First time poster but have been lurking around for years. Brief discription: I am 25 and a norwood 3v. I've been thinning slowly in my crown since about 21-22 and receding since 19 or so. I've been taking Neocell Collagen type 1 and 3 for about 5 weeks now and it seems to be causing my crown to thin rather fast. I noticed it about 2-3 weeks into taking the supplement. I Use no other supplement or treatment for hair. I started taking collagen to help my dry skin (which it has) but with the belief that it could help thicken my hair a little, as that's what it claims to do. Anyways I was wondering if the shed could be a good sign- like it tends to be with Min. And propecia. Could it be that the collagen is getting rid of the bad follicles so new ones can grow in? I can't find much on the forums or the web regarding the topic. Should I continue the pills? Here is a list of the ingredients:

Glycine 22.65% proline 13.65% Hydrocyproline 12.87% Glutamic acid 7.8% Alanine 8.4% Aspartic acid 5.6% Lysine 4.1% Serine 3.2%
Leucine 2.8% Valine 2.3% Phenylalanine 1.9% Threonine 1.8%
Isoleucine Methionine Histidine Hydroxylysine Tyrosine cystine

Thanks for the help