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12-03-2009, 03:04 PM
I am a 26 year old male from Harrisburg PA, and freaking out inside at the idea of going bald. Over the summer a friend commented that my hair was looking thinner and sure enough it is. I am in the military and have always worn my hair very short but Iíve noticed I can see more of my scalp than usual, especially if Iím directly under a light. The idea of going bald so young bothers me.

I have always had somewhat thin hair but there is little history in my family of baldness. The only people I know of is my uncle on my fathers side and my mothers father who didnít go bald until much later in life. The other thing that strikes me as strange is that I do not have a receding hair line nor am I thinning in patches. It seems like all my hair is thinning evenly; crown, hairline, sides, backÖ.etc. I still have what most would consider a full head of hair but itís not nearly at thick as it was only a couple years ago.

Around the beginning of June I began to use Rogaine Foam. I only applied it once a day instead of the recommend twice. Iím not sure if it was working as I havenít noticed much more of a hair loss in the past few months but I know itís a slow process and from the first person perspective its hard to say whatís real and what is wishful thinking. I was going to start using Rogaine twice a day as instructed, once in the morning and once before bed and see if that helps to thicken my hair again, or at least stop the hair loss in its tracks. However I began to read about shedding and this scares me.

During the months of applying the Rogaine once a day I didnít notice any crazy shedding. Only about 7-10 hairs stuck to my hands after applying the foam but I kind of figured thatís just normal hairs going through their life cycle. My biggest fear is if I start using the Rogaine twice a day then I might start to shed and not re-grow the hair back even if I quit. On the other hand if Rogaine can help me I do not want to miss out on the potential benefits. I did decide if it gets much worse I will have to consider a HT but my research in that is still in the beginning stages. I still need to figure out how to find a good doctor in my area that I can talk to(Pennsylvania/Maryland/DC area). Any help with the topic of Rogaine Foam or finding a good doctor would be much appreciated.

12-04-2009, 09:55 AM
omg dude my story is just like yours.my hair is thinning everywhere too,not balding spots,just thinning.I'm 25 years old and my hair has been thiniing 2 years ago. I went to my dermatologst and he told me to use rogaine so i did but to tell you the truth I haven't seen any good results, I think is getting worst, I don't know probably is the shadding phase in going through right now.oh by the way I have been using rogaine for the past 3 months and I don't know if I should quit. I have an appointment with dr. Joe greco next week,since he is a hair specialist I'm hoping he is going to be able to help me and tell me other options,he is probably gonna tell me to use propecia,I'm afraid to try that drug but I guess, maybe is going to help me

12-08-2009, 01:16 AM
Best bet is to see your doctor man, it can't hurt. If its decided that you do have MPB, your first step should be to get on the drug finasteride (proscar/propecia), and if your doctor is good, he'll inform you about that one.

As far as Rogaine goes, I don't personally use it, but I know of many others that have and have had pretty decent success. Again, Rogaine by itself can do things, but its best when used in conjunction with other treatments, in particular, finasteride.

The last thing you should look into is some form of Nizoral shampoo. Its pretty cheap to go get the 1% mix at most any local store (I get mine from good old Wally-world). There is a 2% mix you can get, but you have to have a prescription, and to be honest, I haven't seen much evidence that it works much differently than the 1% for MPB.

The main thing is to start on propecia if you get the go sign from your doc. From there, then you can add in the other stuff if you deem it necessary (all three I mentioned are part of "the big 3" when it comes to fighting hairloss).

If you do decide to just stay on only Rogaine, I'm not sure if just 1 time a day is going to do you justice. If you are still losing hair, well, then its gonna fall out anyways, so you might as well go for the 2 times a day. Sheds can happen on any medication, but sheds or not, your gonna lose your hair in the end if you don't properly take them and you do indeed have MPB.

Good luck!