View Full Version : Specific question on 'visible signs duration' after treatment

01-30-2015, 01:15 PM
Hello all.

I spent quite some time on the forum trying to find a very specific answer on the following:

I'm having the FUT treatment this coming Sunday, and start a new job in exactly 2 weeks after that on the 16th Feb. I do not have short hair, kind of middle length. My concern is whether there will be any visible signs of the treatment on the morning of the 16th, especially around the front areas. The implants will be mainly in the corner gaps of a slightly balding wedge I have on each side, and a little on my crown.

I work in an industry with certain people where this cannot be noticeable or it will really make life hard for me. At this stage, I would even walk from the $1000 deposit if there was a risk of this.

I found many good threads, some came close to being what i needed, but not quite.

Appreciate any help on above. I understand that healing times etc are going to be patient specific.