View Full Version : On the Norwood scale my baldness is number 7

Mister Mister
01-30-2015, 03:39 AM
Hi. I was told my male pattern baldness was so extreme, I couldn't get a partial toupee, that sits on the top of my head.

So I got a full cap. Whilst it was realistic, it really did irritate my skin at the nape. It was the tape more than anything. I could only wear the full cap for special occasions (4-5 hours at the most). The rest of the time I wore a hat.

I eventually gave up wearing the full cap, as it was too much hassle. I now wear a hat whenever I go out.

I envy those guys who have strong growing side hair. Mine has badly receded. :(

03-24-2015, 03:06 AM
My brother even wore his hat when he was "doing his wife"-he now has a "Poodle do" Hair Club for men and likes it-I told him they get the hair from shaving a poodles ass and make the hair piece-The deal is, you have to keep the poodle and I won't know if it was him or the poodle walking backwards LOL. I'm going to try the transplant "Got my fingers crossed" PS I have an outstanding collection of hats