View Full Version : catch-up hair loss

01-29-2015, 01:27 PM
hello every one!!!
i am 25 years old now.i started to loose hair when i was 21 years old.at the age of 22 i started to take finasteride 1 mg with very good result in the first year.when i turned to 23 years old i again had increased shedding. i started to take dutasteride(.5 mg daily) and finally got stabilized my hair.i continued it to take for 1 and the half year.but after that because of financial problem i again switched to finasteride.after being 4 months on it i realized massive shedding.i again switched to dutasteride for the last two months and taking finasteride as well.i am also applying 5% minoxidil twice a day since last three months.currently on norwood 2.5 and heading rapidly towards norwood 3.my hair in the front got so thinned in the last three months that when i do close inspection and cross my fingers through hairs its looks like i would have shiny bald scalp in the coming 6 monts.i am very scared because i am an engineering student and i don't have money for hair transplant.