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01-29-2015, 07:15 AM
Iíve always had fine hair that was silky smooth and dead straight up until around the age of 20s when my hairline and temples decided going to mature back further than normal. This combined with my huge forehead made my face look unframed and unbalanced. From then on my friends would joke about how I was going to go bald young, but luckily since then my hair has stayed more or less the same despite the fact that my father started losing his hair in mid-20, but on my motherís side everyone has hair like brush , so maybe this gene is holding me in there at the ripe old age of 35.

Nevertheless, I would say my hair has receded a little more over the past few years, but only very slowly, so Iíve being taking Propecia every other day for the past 7 months to prevent any others hairs making an exit. My hairline disappearance has really bothered me since my late teens having a major impact on my confidence and self-esteem. Like not being able to go swimming, take showers at the gym, wear a hat etc. Anyway, Iíve spent many years researching possible solutions for my hair loss on all the forums and endless google searches. Iíve also had some bad experiences with hair care oil companies in the Germany , but letís not open that subject and put it down to experience, which has ultimately led me to Dr.Safiye Kurt who is the specialist I would like to perform a hair transplant to reconst

ruct my hairline.

My procedure of 2700 grafts is scheduled for October 2014.Well the big day has finally been and gone. I had surgery on the 3rd of October. I was initially scheduled to have 2700 grafts, but after meeting with Dr.Kurt and taking the appropriate measurements and insisting on high density being one of my priorities, she said I would need 3100 to reach my goal, however, I had way above average donor density, so I ended up

with 3200 grafts.

The surgery itself went very smoothly by Dr.Kurt and her highly professional, well organized team.Iím actually almost 4 months now. I still had to wear it brushed forward at that point as it was still too see through to pull off any other style. I was a bit concerned I would not get a good result after watching all the fast growers over the years, however, over the past week growth and thickness has really stepped up a gear, and now I can wear it brushed the side and back slightly . I canít stop looking at it in the mirror.Only if Iím being picky I would say itís still lacking a bit in density if I slick it back, but Iím only at 4 months and it looks very natural. Even when I wake up in the morning it still looks good! I will upload my photos as monthly bases and can not wait to see the last result after few months ;)[/LEFT][/LEFT][/LEFT]