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01-28-2015, 11:10 PM
My hair loss came real fast in 2 stages.

The first stage was 19/20 yrs when it felt like I just woke up one day with no temples. There was nothing there and no hint of anything ever being there either. Obviously I just didn't notice until one day when I did.

I don't think I lost another hair on my head for the next 10 years and I honestly believed (and so did everyone else) I just had the "mature" hair line. I shaved my head everyday so I had a direct view and feel and apart from the crappy point on my forehead it was fine until I was 29/30 when, just like the temples, the rest just hopped off and left in the span of a couple of months.

The above is why I'm skeptical on treatments like the ones out there because had I started taking them at 20 I would of sworn they worked like magic for 10 years.

What I'm throwing up there is that the 2 stages of my hair loss had some things in common. The first being I was a huge soda (mostly coke) drinker growing up, like over 1L a day, but stopped at 18ish to work out, build muscles like a lot of teens do. When I noticed my hair loss at 20 I was also in a transition period of my life where I resorted back to my old habits of drinking alcohol and also a lot of soda and cut the work outs out completely.

Fast forward 10 years and I again stop drinking soda and alcohol and pick up the weights again (early mid life crisis I guess) and bam second stage of hair loss almost instantly.

Now, I'm not saying exercise causes hair loss and soda and alcohol stops it but clearly it must of been some kind of a factor in mine and I have read plenty of others who say the same thing. Clearly I was destined to be bald at some age but those actions had an effect on how much and when.

No medical outlet in the world would ever tell you to not exercise and consume alcohol and soda to fight hair loss but if I could travel back in time that is exactly what I would do.

In saying that I now use alcohol and caffeine-infused creams etc on my head. I'll let you know if my hair grows back. ;)

This is not a joke either. I'm also open to any natural home remedies you may have heard because I have had a lot of success with other ones in the past.