View Full Version : Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute in San Diego, California

01-28-2015, 10:48 AM
Scientists at the independent, nonprofit medical research institute were able to grow new hair using human stem cells.

Previous attempts to create dermal papilla cells - which are vital to follicle formation - have seen scientists isolate healthy examples of the cells and then put them in a culture to increase their number.

The problem with this is that the dermal papillae become less effective when they are multiplied.


We have developed a method using human pluripotent stem cells to create new cells capable of initiating human hair growth. The method is a marked improvement over current methods that rely on transplanting existing hair follicles from one part of the head to another,” said Alexey Terskikh, Ph.D., associate professor in the Development, Aging, and Regeneration Program. “Our stem cell method provides an unlimited source of cells from the patient for transplantation and isn’t limited by the availability of existing hair follicles.” - See more at: http://beaker.sanfordburnham.org/2015/01/using-stem-cells-to-grow-new-hair/#sthash.WNKVQR2I.dpuf