View Full Version : switching from fin/minoxil to prp

01-26-2015, 05:54 AM
I have been on fin/minoxil on and off for a year - now seven consecutive months . the results I got so far are not satisfying , only some fine hair has grown on the temples and the crown . besides I'm so concerned about the side effects of finastride specially that it could cause cancer so I've decided to continue using prp only .
I can imagine that there're many others who switched from finastride and minoxil to prp and I was wondering , will I start shedding again till the prp starts to work ( the doctor explained to me that I will see the results in three months ) ?
will I lose the fine hair I got using the previous medications first or will I be able to keep them ?
I'm planning on a sessions every month and I hope it won't be just a waste of time .

01-26-2015, 08:45 AM
Don't drop fin and minox! From what I've heard, prp can be a good addition but is not really sufficient as a stand alone treatment. Besides, maintenance is also a good thing... Maybe you didn't get (m)any regrwoth but it might have halted your hair loss. Now that's something, isn't it? Use fin, minox and prp in conjunction. I'm sure that will give you the best results, and way better results than prp alone.

Regarding your fear of side effects, I understand your fear but finasteride has a pretty good safety profile. I've heard of a few cases of men who got cancer while on finasteride, but 1) those were a few among MILLIONS and 2) how can you prove it was fin it's fault? prostate cancer is relatively common amongst men, especially elderly men.

01-27-2015, 02:45 PM
A big study recently found that while finasteride slightly increases the risk of aggressive prostate cancer, it lowers the risk of it total. I think it also greatly increases breast cancer risk, but that's so small to begin with it barely matters. They found no increase in mortality from using finasteride. Google should show you the link, if not I can find it.

The PRP doctor I went to recommended finasteride. I have seen a photo of a guy on here who maintained or got a little bit of regrowth after 4 years of PRP alone.