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01-20-2015, 01:45 PM
Well i'm a diffuse thinner, and my thinning is quite noticeable when buzzing my head (but one can't tell when my hair is long, how come?) so i'm considering a HT in Turkey. But i have som concerns which i hope you guys can help me out with, especially the ones of you who have undergone the procedure.

- First of i would like to ask you guys: Was it worth it? Why/why not?

- I'm concerned that my donor area will look all messed up after the procedure, as i have heard that only around 70% of the hairs removed from the donor area will grow back.

- I was informed that after the procedure they would offer me a PRP-treatment which would help my non-transplanted hair to not shed, is this for real? Cus if that's the case a FUE treatment seems as a wise plan.

- The only think that's holding me back is the concern of a messed up donor area, and the concern of my non-transplanted hair will fall out, and i'm forced to do undergo a new treatment.

- Is the transplanted hairs resistent to DHT?

- Did you guys, after undergoing the procedure, experience any sheding afterwards which made you undergo a new procedure (a 2nd, 3rd, perhaps 4rd transplant)?

I hope you guys will help meout, as i'm a mess right now! Sorry for my bad english.

About me:

25 years old
diffuse thinner
started on rogaine at the age of 20
Both sides of my family are known to have hairloss problems

01-21-2015, 11:19 AM
Wow! 140 views and 0 answers? It's not rocket science for christ sake.

Rashid Rashid, MD, PhD
01-21-2015, 06:13 PM
Hi, I will try to answer as best as possible.

The way the donor area will look after the fact depends on many variables including the original density, the follicles per graft, the harvest punch size, the method of harvesting pattern and others. It can look like nothing happened but this is not always the case. It is just like an FUT scar can be pencil thin...or as you see on our website they can be horrible(not the fut scars on our website are not ours as we do not do FUT, these are results from another doctor in Houston who's many patients come to us for scar repair options). So the point is, you are taking a risk and many variables come to play. The doctor should be able to help you get a better idea after an in person exam.

PRP has very little science behind it. PRP is not dangerous and if is not costing more then why not. But the science is easy to research, just go to the NIH site pubmed.com and type hair prp. You can also check your doctor i.e type Rashid RM (for Dr. Rashid and his research at the Mosaic Hair Transplant Clinic in Houston) and see all our high grade publications. You want to see a lot of NIH studies to trust the results. But, it is not dangerous that we know of.

Transplanted hairs can be more DHT resistant. However, some rare patterns exist in which they are not. This is more often seen in females.

Transplanted hairs can fall out and in fact not all transplants work. In fact, no clinic has 100% success. If your clinic acts like they have 100% success or name other clinics/doctors and bad mouth them by name....watch out. These doctors can be unethical, if not immature. Medicine is not a perfect science and you can loose your license as an MD for saying so. The large studies have shown transplants do not work in 5-15% of cases even in the most ideal scenarios. So the risk always exists. It is small, but it exists.

More procedures are always possible, especially at your age. Hair loss never really stops. Hair loss does slow down in your 30/40s but even then does not stop.