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Lewis Hamilton
01-20-2015, 01:37 AM
This post is based on 15 years experience of these products personally, and from having had multiple tests with endocrinologists.

Blocks DHT (type of testosterone responsible for hair loss), but also impacts free testosterone in the rest of the body, meaning you will have to the following side effects:
-watery seamen
-foggy brain
-increased urination (especially at night)

These sides will occur to all, but to a lesser or greater extent, I.e. Some will have minimal response some greater. However, endocrinologists now know that the sides and the body slowly and systemically grow and increase over time, as such the sides "creep" and increase and what generally happens is most men put it down to ageing, work pressures etc having not had any issues for over the last five or ten years etc.

In essence if you use Propecia you are likely to become impotent and exhausted. You'll also experience less of the enjoyable things in life as your body won't feel things like endorphins (as the neuro transmitters get damaged). It's up to you - great hair and no erections or no hair and great erections.

Don't get me wrong, for me Propecia gave me more hair at 38 than I had a 27, it was all the other issues that built and built that eventually made me come off. And here is the thing, if you believe this drug isn't impacting you, then just come off it for two weeks. And post on here how you feel between days 7-10. I guarantee your post will say "loads of energy, amazing erections" etc. after that you will crash, possibly never to recover...

Cardiologist have tested me many times around this. This is a vasodilator and can bring on:
-varicose veins
-blurred vision
-poor erections
-poor exercise tolerance

Unlike Viagra Minoxidil also opens the blood vessels but it doesn't keep blood in the penis. What a lot of men don't realise (as they use a Propecia /Minoxidil combo) is Minoxidil can have a major impact on your penis.

Moreover, if you are remotely athletic using minoxidil puts you at high risk of a cardiac arrest (people don't post to complain about this primarily because they are dead). The drug impacts the electrical current of your heart and leads to prolonged waves and ST and Q changes: most ECG machines will record your ECG automatically and state Anterior Myocardial Infarction, as a result of this drug: the reality is none will have occurred, but the waves of the ECG are sufficiently prolonged as to impact the automated reading.

Overall both drugs are highly dangerous.

It's nice to have hair - I had it for an extra 14 years more than I should have, but it's less nice to spend year after year at the Doctor and hospitals with undiagnosed conditions which miraculously stopped once these drugs were discontinued. However, some sides still occur, such as libido, seamen etc,after discontinuing.

People who are on these drugs with "no sides" will post in response stating the statistics are low. Feel free to blast this post, but as I stated above, come off the drug first for two weeks and see if there is ANY response...

I saw a great post on another site a few weeks ago which had a link to a cure for baldness, it was a link to some hair salon electric clippers: says it all really-if you're losing your main then bone it.

Coming to terms is the hardest part, that's coming to terms with permenant side effects - makes the hair loss seem quite trivial...


01-20-2015, 03:38 AM
Lewis Hamilton is awesome. He just developed a whole new innovation in research methods!

Scientists look out! There is a new way of doing science!

Forget those expensive studies with thousands and thousands of people, randomly assigned to placebo controlled experimental and control groups.

Who needs all that when you've got Lewis! He said so so it's true!