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01-16-2015, 07:31 AM
Here I am, at 32, after realizing that my hair line is heading towards oblivion, I've decided to make some photos and apply to online consultations of several clinics.
I have chosen Turkey as the price is according to my financial situation. I am not a citizen of a western world rich country. Suffice to say that even with the cheapest option, I need to make economy of several months(fortunately, I temporarily work abroad in such a country mentioned previously).

After sending the pictures I've really different estimation on number of grafts, surface to cover and price. I wish I get a natural hairline restoration, or as close as it is possible, no strange/non-achievable goals.

I've expected discrepancies, but the range is quite large. All clinics offer similar extras such as PRP, 3 nights at the hotel, driver, medication post-op, etc.

1) ~ 1500 grafts - 3000 euros
2) ~ 3000 grafts - 2700 euros
3) ~ 2500-3000 - 2600 euros
4) ~ 2800 grafts - 7000 euros

I am not able to name the clinics because they are serious and well known places for HT in Turkey, I do not want to harm anyone. I would like this to be cleared up by anyone that can or went to a similar experience.

Now, the 1st and 4th options are very different (to repeat, they are all from well respected doctors and clinics, 1 to 4)

Why do you think this difference exists ?
How do you know that you get exactly what you were told you do ?
I would also appreciate if there is anyone that can estimate how many grafts I would need ?
I would also appreciate clinic names, sites, rankings, history that you guys recommend, almost all that Google shows up are fake ranking sites.

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01-16-2015, 08:51 AM
The difference exists because different clinics have different philosophies on what is necessary to make a great result. Did you tell the clinics what you hope to achieve or did you simply ask how many grafts for a good result? Without knowing what your goals are it is anyone's guess. Do you want a minor improvement that is very conservative or do you wish for sometime aggressive and youthful? See what I mean?

I suspect that regardless of your goals you will need higher numbers to achieve what I feel would be a cosmetically acceptable result due to the fine nature of your hair. Fine hair needs to have higher numbers of grafts transplanted to reach acceptable levels of density.

01-16-2015, 09:20 AM
In all honesty, I know exactly what I do not wish, I am sure I do not want to have those islands on the sides.
When I was younger, I had an accident that left a line-mark on my forehead, this mark was never visible until 3-4 years ago when I started to loose hair.
The scar is about 1.8 cm length, so that is how much my hairline has went(front - not sides). Ideally I could want that covered again, but I do not think it is realistic.
In the end I think what I want is a better hairline and not so big sides, but I do not know what is achievable, that is why I am here.
For most of the clinics, I have told them the exact thing, that I want improvement, I want to be able again to style my hair, but I do not know what is possible or not in this regard.
It is true that my hair is very fine and very dense, but it hates the forehead. I have looked into my family history and the only one without hair is my maternal grandfather, he still has a lot of hair, also on top, but similar big forehead, the guy is 78.

Do you think 3000 grafts is something that might have good results ?

01-16-2015, 09:36 AM
From the sounds of it you have a minor history of hairloss in your family, which is good. I think that, yes, you're looking at close to 3000 grafts on the high end but my gut tells me no more than 2500 is warranted. Keep in mind the new hair will have to be blended into your existing hair so you need to discuss the issue of shock loss with your chosen doctor(s). Ask them how they avoid shock in cases like yours.

I noticed on your price outline that two clinics offered procedures at a potential rate of less than one euro per graft. That is extremely low. I'm personally only aware of two clinics in Turkey that I would consider to be reputable so I'd be very curious with whom you are referring. Naming them doesn't bring any negativity, just exposure. The two I would consider reputable would be Dr. Doganay and Dr. Koray, both IAHRS members. Regardless, you have a good start. My only advice at this point is to not look at clinics based on price. You should speak with former patients and ask tough questions. Remember, these clinics want your business so you are interviewing them to work for you, not the other way around.