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01-15-2015, 04:25 PM
Hey guys, my name is Gerhard. I'd like to start off by saying that I've been lurking this board off and on for a year now since I started seeing hair loss when I was 18. Despite the strong prevalence of baldness in my father's side of the family I always thought I'd maintain my hair. My hair was unbelievably thick and coarse, having to be thinned out at all times. My mother's side of the family is pretty good about keeping their hair with the worst being a Norwood 3 or 4.

Now, I would say I'm already a pretty strong Norwood 3. I decided to get on propecia, but experienced sides pretty quick. I lowered my dosage to .25 every 3 days yet still felt the side effects. I'm deciding on quitting and have been pretty distraught at the idea of where my hair will go. Propecia hasn't done anything for my hair loss yet as I've only been on it for four or so weeks. However, I keep seeing threads in the future treatments section which give me plenty of hope for a future in which I don't have the same follicle-challenged head of my father. Unfortunately for me, if I had the head or complexion of my father I probably wouldn't even care; he's an amazingly good looking man for his age.

So here's my questions for you wonderful people:

RU: Does it cause an extreme shed? What side effects could I be facing as a result of utilizing this chemical?

CB: I remember everyone looking for the proper vehicle for it. I saw the thread that one had been found but now it's apparently more of an issue of concentration. Where's COSMO at on it? Do we have any ideas at all on when it could be available to the public?

Pilofocus: Where do we exactly stand on that? Honestly, this is truly pioneering with all the studies done. It could do a lot for young people like me by transferring hair and allowing us to more or less get away with bsing a full head of hair for at least a decade. Any ideas on when it would be available? How ridiculously expensive will it be? I've already emailed them from their website and am excited to hear back.

Taiwan University Medical Center (TUMC): Where do we stand on Jahoda's method of utilizing those DP cells? Honestly, can we expect anything in the relative future? This seems to be the king of balding end alls.

I just wanna say thank you to all of you who frequent this board. You guys make me feel like I'm not alone in all of this. Hopefully we can all one day experience of the joys of retaining and regrowing out hair. It'd be nice and I'll be the first to buy you all a solid round of drinks.

I will also update pictures of my hair this weekend.