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01-12-2015, 07:07 PM
I'm 37 and the balding and thinning has just now started to bother me. I have always been vain but as I'm getting older I'm wanting my hair back. I would guess I'm a norwood 5 or 6 with diffuse thinning? I have no clue, I'm new to researching all of this. I have been using ketoconazole since last Feb that my Dermatologist prescribed for some acne bumps on my scalp. I started Kirkland Minoxidil foam on Dec 23, I have already noticed some shedding, especially on the top left and right side and on the crown. I ordered some propecia and should have it next week and plan on taking it for a month to see how i react to it. If no side effects i will continue to take it. I have always had a more natural receding hairline so I don't expect to get something I have never had ( a hairline that is more straight across) but I would just like to have thicker hair once again. When I would get my hair cut the girls would always comment on how if they could bottle my natural blonde highlights they would be rich. I miss that. I posted a picture to confirm on what i would be on the Norwood scale and if it is diffuse thinning. And for any advice that can be given.

01-12-2015, 08:54 PM
I started treating my hair loss at 36 and as you can see here in my intro thread, my hair was in pretty bad shape:


I am now at 1.5 years on the big 3 and I have grown a decent amount of hair back. It isn't perfect, but I think it was worth giving treatments a try. Some might disagree because I didn't grow back all of my hair, but I couldn't care less. I have more hair on my head then when I started. I would say go for it. You never know what treatments could do for you unless you give it a try.

01-12-2015, 09:17 PM
Thanks for your response and encouragement. I've always had fine thin hair so I'm not expecting to get hair like David Beckham. I just want my scalp not to show anymore. I plan to give minoxidil and propecia at least a year to see what will happen. I'm optimistic that I have already started to shed within three weeks on minoxidil and the signs of peach fuzz on my temples. which i know the peach fuzz might not turn into anything more but I like to think I'm responding to minoxidil and it might help.