View Full Version : My HT Journey - a black dude

01-11-2015, 05:36 PM
Hi Guys,

I need your help here with two things: (i) finding a good body hair FUE doctor and (ii) educate me me about BHT FUE

To give you a brief background about my story, I had my first HT in Turkey some 10 years ago to cover my front area. I was then a at a NW scale of 1 or 2, now I am NW 6 or 7. Last year I had scalp pigmentation which has given me a nice shade making my baldness less visible.I must say I am happy with the scalp pigmentation. The pigmentation together with the few hairs I have on my scalp blends in toghether perfecly.

My worry is that I will lose the few hairs I have in few months time and I want to replace them with transplanted hairs. Due to my poor donor area, I am forced to use body hair. Luckily I am hairy guy with tick beard and chest hair.

During the last few weeks I have tried to find a body hair doctor in Europe which is relatively cheap as I do not have a lot of money.

Do you guys have any body hair doctor to recommend?
I have contacted dr doganay in turkey, but he wants me to come to turkey for consultation only and does not do it online.

At the moment I shave my sides to the bone and leave the hair on the top at 0.5 guard. I wish to keep this style after my HT - is this recommendable? Would I need higher density in the HT to do this?

Being black with curly hair, will the HT give me some benefits compared to my Caucasian peers?

I am planning to go for a 3-4000 hair session, is this recommendable?

Thanks guys