View Full Version : High temperature air conditioning setting just after hair transplant

01-10-2015, 09:53 AM
Less than 24 hours after my fue 1700 grafts I set airconditioning to high temperature (29C) in a small hotel room for some time. I did that because there is no heating in hotel and I was feeling cold.
Now I am concerned that it could have an impact on graft survival because this could have a similar effect than hair dryer?. The air conditioning was not impacting directly on sclap and I was around 2 m from source. I switched it off when room reached 25C. I did this several times (on/off/on/off) in order to keep room temperature.
Could these temperature or lack of humidity caused by air conditioning affect yield, if this event happened few hours after beeing in the chair?.
I am spraying saline on scalp as advised and following strictly post op instructions.
Many thanks in advance for any feedback.

01-11-2015, 05:53 AM
Now I have the opposite problem all caused by making a terrible choice with hotel that has no heating and just a bad air conditioning machine for hot or cold air.
Tonight I slept with air conditioning machine off, temperatures outside were below 0C during night. I slept well covered under blankets but obviously my head was out. I woke up with sore throat, furthermore now I am thinking that my head was exposed for around 8 hours to low temperatures around 10-15C and this decrease blood flow in head skin which is vital for regrowth specially during first 48 hrs, this is what it is called vasoconstriction same that happens when smoking or drinking, the reason why these two activities are strongly not recommended after hair surgery.
Any thoughts?, any idea if this cold night could have a significant impact in my head blood flow skin that could impaired the result??.
It is my last chance to get a normal look, third procedure already, no more donor remaining and it seems that I might also be overthinking everything trying to do the best post op...