View Full Version : Surgeon Known for Dense Packing in NY Area?

01-08-2015, 05:21 PM
Can anyone recommend a surgeon known for quality results from "dense packing" in the NY/ Tri-State area? I know Hasson & Wong in Vancouver and Rahal in Ottawa are known for this kind of surgery, but was hoping to find someone more local who specializes in this sort of procedure.

A little background: 22 with diffuse thinning in front of scalp. Been on 1 mg Propecia for almost a year without much improvement, though it hasn't gotten worse. Believe it has stabilized and highly considering a HT to restore density. By one doctors estimate my current density is 30-40 follicles per sq cm, and I am hoping to achieve around 60 per sq cm across my hairline.

Thanks for the help!


01-11-2015, 05:19 AM
Dr Feller! Consistently good results,no bells and whistles,no bullshit,he and his staff do great work.Although personally I think your a little too young to start this journey.Good luck to you!