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01-07-2015, 04:31 PM
By the time I was 21 years old in 2006, I had already lost a significant amount of hair around the corners and front of my hairline.

I had no idea what kinds of treatments were available, and thankfully I did enough research over the course of several months, and went to a surgeon the Hair Restoration Network highly recommended and scheduled the surgery for 2008 when I was 23.

I underwent one session of 1,000 grafts in a strip procedure and was somewhat disheartened because of the conservative approach the surgeon had taken, and the coverage and density were moderate at best. Moreover there were a few gaps where the hair didn't take root as strongly as in other areas, so I scheduled another session two years later to fill in the gaps with the same doctor.

After the second surgery of 200 grafts in 2010, I was more satisfied, especially with the evenness since there were no gaps. Even still the density was really low, and not quite cosmetically functional. I was not really able to comb my hair into any kind of discernible style.

On top of the moderate results, I faced an additional complication; I had developed a "neuroma" where the scar did not heal and I had issues turning my neck too far to the right where I would have sharp pains on the left end of the scar.

Two more years passed and in 2012 I was determined to fix my head. I found Dr. Alexander on Hair Restoration Network, and scheduled an appointment for a consultation. After speaking with him, he was confident that he could excise my neuroma, and significantly increase the density in the corners with 1,000 additional grafts.

I traveled to Phoenix a few months later, and he operated on me after finding a great hotel for me to recover. Even as early as the next morning, the nerve pain in the back of my head was totally gone.

Now at the end of 2014 it's been two years since my last surgery (and six years since my first) and I am totally satisfied with his work. My scar is nearly invisible, and I'm no longer limited by my neck's range of motion.

But even more importantly, I'm not embarrassed to get my hair professionally cut and most days I walk around with my hair slicked back with a natural look, and my self confidence is finally back to where it used to be. With a stick regimen of a quarter tablet of Finasteride everyday, I've managed to maintain all the hair I had when I caught my hair loss in its tracks.

01-07-2015, 10:05 PM
That's awesome I'm happy for u renordw. I have a surgery scheduled with Dr Alexander in February. After researching for over a year I'm confident I have made the right choice in Dr Alexander. He's one of only a handful of doctors around the country that has a niche for artistic design and the medical skills necesarry to do it right.

01-08-2015, 12:32 AM
Dr Alexander is a great surgeon in my opinion and very nice guy generally. All the best .
Spencer ( Spex )