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01-04-2015, 04:58 PM
So I finally moved to UK, which now allows me to purchase everything easier than it was in my country. So I am here to ask for advice.

I am currently on Minox 5%, soon switching to glycerin version, even thought at first minox did quite alright at maintaining, for 1.5 month I had to switch to 2% due non-availability of 5% anywhere. Result? Huge shed, lost a lot of ground and after coming to 5% feel like I am shedding or just rapidly losing a lot of hair.

So now I want to fight the DHT aspect of hairloss, but like anyone else strongly concerned with side effects.

What would you suggest, RU or Fin?

I wanted to try Fin first, but I spoke to my doctor and he advised against FIN at my age as it messes up with testosterone (I am 24).
So I want to try RU, I have been reading a lot on RU (I am lurker here) and obviously there are sides with it also, but they should be reduced with KB solution, and LilPauly suggested german KB - where can I purchase it?

Jazz1 compounded minox seems like a great option also to try with minimal fin dose.

Is there a way to start slowly on RU to see how I can tolerate it? If so how?

Apologies for the long post, will appreciate any feedback and once a decision will be made, will keep a detailed log for public viewing.

Thank you.