View Full Version : My Progress (pics included) + Is My Current Routine Looking Ok????

01-04-2015, 02:37 AM
Iím 26yrs old now and have hair thinning on a fair amount of the front half of the top of my head and some on the back and a fair amount around my twin crowns.
Ok So Iíve literally just gone from the routine of using Kirkland minoxodil 5% in morning + before bed (Nov 2013-Dec 2014), Propecia (April Ė December 2014), Nizoral once per week (Early 2014+), Alpecine + liquid energizer 3 gradually to 5 times per week (Late 2013+), folligain (Sept 2014+), x1 msm 1500mg tablet and saw palmetto tablet every morning with food (Sept 2014+).
Iím now substituting the minoxodil (which left horrible big white flakes in my hair) and the propecia (which as seen in the annual photo below, has made some difference, even though the photo lighting is different) with har vokse spray and supplements (said by many and professionals to be far better than this previous combo.
Is there any experience youíve had with har vokse (I use a few sprays of it having either washed my hair just before or literally showered my head and partly dried it)? Also the har vokse tablets are food supplement tablets that work similarly to propecia, but are natural, Iíll take them typically an hour or so after eating. Iím going to give up the saw palmetto and msm 1500 tablets/supplements also, does these all seem like a fairly good routine?

In photo #1 is a comparison (variable- hair lengths, time periods, angles and lighting) of before April 2011 (right up to just a few months before) and after April 2011 right up until before the products started to kick in.
Photo #2 is a lucky photo which I got at the time (give or take a week or two) the hair loss first wouldíve started and my scalp became somewhat itchy in places and shows with the red arrow a small area where it was almost like a scab.
Photo#3 is a comparison of my scalp when I started my routine against Dec 2014 and photo#4 is a comparison taken at the same times looking at the front where the improvements have occured. #5 is the same with my hair a bit longer. Photos# 6-8 is again the same time periods with different lighting.