View Full Version : Age-associated inflammation inhibits epidermal stem cell function (link JAKi and MPB)

12-28-2014, 03:26 AM

This article by a group of British/Irish scientists working in Spain was overlooked for almost 2 years, and provides evidence to the link between inflammation, JAK inhibitors and MPB.

There are two trials for AA running at Yale and Columbia, but nobody has started researching this for MPB seriously. I wonder if the group in Spain could benefit from crowd funding.

I know a group of friends in Switzerland have made a group buy of tofacitinib and are getting promising results at 3 weeks (complete stop of hair loss). One of them is updating in hairlosshelp forum.

I am going to start trialling curcumin (turmeric) or Brevilin A (litsea glutinosa), both natural products with similar activity, on myself! I am delaying my scheduled hair transplant for half a year