View Full Version : Is Nizoral enough for this? Pictures below

12-26-2014, 01:35 PM

-I'm 19 years old and I see like 3-7 hair sticking on my hands when I shampoo.

-the picture below shows my after bath wet look hair

-am I balding or is it just normal for wet hair?

-I am experiencing massive dandruff, I wonder if this is the cause of my hair fall?

-I am also experiencing massive hair fall every december and march, is it normal?

-Can dandruff really trigger nw6 pattern?

-I'm currently using Chinese herbal called Enchantina, 1 bottle lasted for a month and
it really decreased my hair fall.

-about my family history actually on both sides, they all have thick hair even my 80 year old grandpa but MY DAD is half bald (57 years old)

-Lastly, every non school days I sleep at 10 am and wake up at night, in short stress

PICTURES RIGHT HERE (after bath wet look hair)