View Full Version : Pretty sure I'm beginning to get MPB

12-26-2014, 01:19 AM
I am 23 and have worn my hair long since I was a teenager, but recently when I pulled my hair back to brush it, I noticed that my hairline looked very... strong. A few years someone remarked that I have a very "masculine" hair line and didn't get what they meant.

I am going to post a few pictures and I'd like to know what stage of hair loss I'm at and what I can do to treat it or prevent further loss. I do not notice any crown hair loss, but think my temples are quite receded. My hairline has an overall upwards slant that looks like Gavin Rossdale but even more extreme.

So I'm really just looking for confirmation here and some advice on how to prevent further loss, and what to look out for. What pattern of hair loss do I have?

I really had no idea I had any hair loss until recently. It is very shocking for me. I love my hair! I have a dermatologist appointment in a month but it's hard not to obsess about.