View Full Version : Just had my first FUE

12-20-2014, 09:54 PM
I wanted to say thank you to so many posters here for sharing their stories, experiences, issues, successes and troubles. It's made it extremely easy -- regardless of the outcome -- to go through the healing process.

I'm 5 days post-op at around 1500. My donor area is already healing up incredibly quickly -- my hair is the shortest it's ever been and you can barely see them already -- so that's great. And I've got all these crazy black dots on the front of my head that have these little hairs. I'm as paranoid as everyone else about losing a graft, but I've followed the instructions best I can so far and have to trust that it'll be as good as it gets.

I honestly don't have too many expectations -- but anything will be a bonus in my book.

I know there are a lot of people hesitant about doing it -- I sure was -- and I don't have results yet, but I can say my doctor and his staff in Beverly Hills were excellent and my recovery has been terrific. Very little pain. No swelling at all (he gave me all these preventive measures for that) and I even did one meeting the day after with a loose fitting hat -- though I took the rest of the week off and watched TV. ;)

If you are thinking about doing it research it and find the perfect doctor. There's no shame in meeting more than one or seeing their patients or asking any question. I can't say it's a success, of course, but the experience thus far as been way better than I thought and this forum in particular has really helped it.

Hope all you people in mid-recovery are doing good and happy holidays!