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12-18-2014, 12:29 PM
On 12-17-2014, our patient came to our office to have Dr. Cole add more density to his frontal area and crown (FUE/CIT). He opted for our shaven procedure. After his head was shaved down before surgery, we noticed some visible hypopigmented FUE donor scars from his previous surgery he had with another doctor. As you can see, his dark hair extends down into his scalp about 4mm. The native, undisturbed hair in his donor region gives the skin a natural gray tinted look, caused by the dark hair extending below the skin surface. This natural gray tone is disturbed by the white extraction site dotting known as hypopigmentation. Adding the correct skin tone back to the hypopigmented areas makes a world of difference and helps to blend the scars in with his virgin scalp. Our patient doesn’t plan to shave his head, so simulating hair dots with SMP in the extraction sites is not necessary in this case for a good cosmetic result. Even with this degree of dotting, left untreated, the scars disappear once the hair has grown a couple of millimeters. The photo on the right appears slightly red because it was taken a few minutes after SMP treatment.


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02-11-2015, 08:19 AM
Is Dr. Cole's clinic now offering SMP? permanent or temporary?