View Full Version : Am I being paranoid about my hair crown or is it cause for concern?

12-17-2014, 10:11 PM
So I'm only 22, I have 3 brothers, none losing hair. My mom was adopted so I can't speak to my moms side of the family but my dad had all his hair before he died, as well as my grandfather and his sons.

My concern is that I'm on Testosterone Replacement Therapy for hypogonadism for about 5 months and I'm on a relatively high dosage. I've read it doesn't actually cause hairloss, but speeds it up if you predispositioned for it, which it appears im not. However, with me being a nervous nelly I am always wondering about my hair and I noticed it felts pretty dry lately but I've been washing it a lot. I Decided to take picks but when I saw my crown it made me very paranoid.. I have had the weird hair growing in different directions at the crown, forgot what they call it, my whole life and I've never taken a picture of it before so I just hope i'm over reacting and you guys can confirm or dissipate my concerns. Generally I've thought I had good, thick hair. appreciate any responses


Follicle Island
12-17-2014, 11:46 PM
Visually speaking, your hair is fine, and when combined with your family history, you have nothing to worry about.

Nice head of hair my good man, you dodged a bullet.