View Full Version : Opinions on my hairloss and NW scale. Thinning seems to be spreading.

12-17-2014, 06:07 PM
I've been on finasteride for 5 and half months at the moment. I noticed thinning at the start of December 2013 but didn't think much of it then it became a concern and started on finasteride in near the end of June. I believe I'm around a NW 1 to 1.5 maybe a 2 if the thinning continues to spread.


The photos in order are from before Finasteride, 2 months, and then 5 month mark I feel my hair has gotten worse from the 2 month mark and the 5 month mark. So I'm unsure if I'm responding well. I'll be at the 6 month mark at the end of december and I know the best results you see are at 12 months and 24 months but I'm just getting scared I really want to maintain what I have and if the thinning balds out I'll be a NW 2 for sure.

Would appreciate any comments/feedback I receive. Thanks in advance. Should I possibly consider switching to dutasteride?